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Where We Are Today

StumpGeek is a technology company, initially focused on our Business Management Software. The application is specifically designed to track the production of a timber harvesting or timber hauling business, based initially on the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan logging industries.


Having worked for several years with his dad's logging business, Wes tried a few other career options working for others, but quickly realized his passion was in the woods. He returned to eventually take over his family logging business and eventually setup his own. His path led him to running his own business, working for himself, setting his own hours and his own destiny.

As a business owner and computer hobbyist, he experimented with many different ways of tracking and managing his business. Growing and expanding to not only meet the basic needs, but to expand his analysis for better understanding, improvement and profitability. This experience over 20+ years, using spreadsheets, directly led to the development of the StumpGeek application.

Unlikely Partnership

Jonelle and Heather are cousins, and after Greg and Heather moved back to the Tomahawk area, the two couples quickly became close friends. As a computer hobbyist, Wes was intensely interested in the fact that Greg's background was in electronics and computer software. One discussion led to another, until the concept of how it would be possible to create an application that a logger with any level of computer skill would be able to take advantage of. Several ideas were brainstormed, a few false starts, but eventually progress was made in the development of what would become StumpGeek. We've taken the Excel spreadsheet logic developed over the years to create a simple to use, stand alone Windows PC applications.

Creating the Brand

In 2013 the StumpGeek website was registered, and Stumpy was born, although the real focus on the development of StumpGeek took another year to really get started. The concepts for the software and building the team dynamics were an initial focus. This led to Greg learning more about the Timber industry, and Wes becoming familiar with the modeling and development of graphical user interfaces for Windows PC applications. In this way, the team was able to do rapid development of the visual and complicated business logic for the program. Along the process, Stumpy matured as a brand mascot in preparation for Logged It to be released in April 2015. With the release of StumpGeek 2.0 in 2018, we've dropped the Logged It name to avoid confusion. But many of the concpets remain in the second generation of StumpGeek software.


StumpGeek Chief Executive Officer - Makers of the Business Management Software for Loggers

Wesley Bushor Chief Executive Officer

Wes is a fourth generation logger, who started working with his dad in the woods over 35 years ago. Over those years, his logging business has changed from employee, to subcontractor, to independent contractor. He has owned and operated several different types of equipment, including dangle and fixed head harvesters, forwarders, feller bunchers, and pull skidders. This has included brands such as Ponsse, Timber Jack, Fabtek, Valmet, and John Deere. He has seen the timber industry change a great deal in that time, and believes that the industry will continue to evolve. Those loggers that want to survive and thrive will need to be able to manage their businesses better than loggers have done in the past. He has, throughout the years, experimented on different ways of tracking his business to not only meet the basic needs, but to expand his ability to manage the forest products he handles and the money they represent. This experience has directly led to his passion for computers and the creation of StumpGeek.

Wes is also a creator of Natural Form Furnishings, and the founder of LostTreeHouse.com. He enjoys the process of of bringing treasures he finds in the woods home to create items using hand crafted techniques. His attention to detail and artistry ties directly into the form and function of the StumpGeek product.

Along with his ventures in LostTreeHouse and StumpGeek, Wes continues to be an active professional logger in the Northern Wisconsin area where he lives with his family in Tomahawk, WI.

StumpGeek Chief Technology Officer - Makers of the Business Management Software for Loggers

Greg Dirkx Chief Technology Officer

Greg has nearly 30 years of experience in engineering and software development. He has managed international teams on large software development projects and held engineering, architecture and management positions in his career.

Greg's passion for computers started at a young age, programming in BASIC on his first T-80 computer, and growing and upgrading from there. This led to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), which allowed him to pursue a career path in electronics, embedded, personal computer and server based software development.

Greg was eventually able to continue his career while moving his family back to their hometown of Tomahawk, WI. Greg's dad worked at the local paper mill while Greg was growing up, which opened up opportunities for Greg to work at the paper mill during summer breaks from college. This experience has made him very familiar with the economic impact of the Timber industry in Northern Wisconsin.

Building on the foundation started by Wes, Greg has utilized his computer and software development expertise to make StumpGeek a reality, creating a PC application that is easy to use.

StumpGeek Business and Marketing Manager - Makers of the Business Management Software for Loggers

Heather Dirkx Business and Marketing Manager

Heather has worked as an administrative professional for over 18 years. She comes from varying backgrounds in her career. Heather has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. While there she studied various biological sciences, but focused primarily on pre-med studies. She also took many botany classes, having a side interest in plant physiology. Heather also had an interest in how the human mind functions, and therefore, minored in psychology.

Heather grew up in Tomahawk, WI, where her dad worked at both the local paper mill and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. She married her high school sweetheart Greg, and has two beautiful children. Together they enjoy spending time outdoors, including camping, kayaking and golfing.

Most of her administrative and leadership experience has been in the medical field. She hopes to bring the same caring, customer-based focus to StumpGeek as she has in her medical administrative career.

StumpGeek Sales, Financial and Customer Manager - Makers of the Business Management Software for Loggers

Jonelle Bushor Sales and Financial Manager

Jonelle grew up in the small town of Tomahawk, WI, where the economic backbone was the local paper mill. Her dad worked there until his retirement. This allowed her to see the importance of this aspect of the timber industry.

As a young adult she earned her degree to become a cosmetologist, and was quite successful for 10 years in this field. During this time, she discovered her love for customer service. She also met and married a logger named Wes, who was a single dad of 3. They added 2 more children to their family and decided it best for Jonelle to stay home. Taking care of the home and Bushor clan were only part of her responsibilities. She also began managing parts of the logging business and eventually Lost TreeHouse. This included paying stumpage, employees, subcontractors, maintaining financial records, and dealing with timber contracts. This provided first hand experience of the difficulties faced by people in the industry, in and out of the office.

She is enjoying her customer service role as StumpGeek's Sales and Financial Manager, as well as continuing her other management roles with Wes's logging business and Lost Treehouse.


StumpGeek is committed to providing technology and services to the Timber, Lumber and Woodworking Industries. We strive to create and offer user friendly and easy to use tools that simplify managing our customer's business.

StumpGeek endeavors to be a Trusted Technology Partner for our customers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools needed to run a successful wood products business. We believe that being able to track not only your financials, but also your operational productivity is essential to running a profitable business that will last.


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