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Select the button below to download the installer for the product.

Concerned about how to get started and take advantage of the product? Check out the Logged It Help Series Videos , Review the Help in the application, Contact us with your questions or for even more personalized service, check out our On-Site Installation and Pricing Service on the Pricing page.

Version 1.2.9 is now available for download.

Please provide your email and accept the Software Licence Agreement to download. If you provide your address, we will be able to send you newsletters through postal mail. Sometimes it is just easier to discuss something on the phone, so if you provide a contact number, we will have it on file if you give us permission to call you.

Logged It 1.2.9

Installer for Windows 7, 8 & 10

Requires .NET Framework

Official Release

By downloading and using LoggedIt, you agree to the terms of the Software Licence Agreement

Get LoggedIt

You will be prompted for information and to accept the Software Licence Agreement. After you submit, the buttons to download the application will appear.

Download and run the install_loggedit.exe installer to install LoggedIt on you Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC. The installed version includes a 30 day trial, so you can take a look at how LoggedIt can help you and your business. Just call (844) 4-STUMPY when you are ready to purchase and we'll provide you with a license key.

We at StumpGeek are committed to your satisfaction. Updates to LoggedIt Version 1 will be available for download free as they become available.

How to Update

Follow these instructions to update or install new:

  1. Download Logged It 1.2.8 from above links
  2. Run the installer to install the update. If you have a trial version, your trial period will continue from where it was. If you have a full version, with registration code, the existing registration will automatically be picked up when you run the new version. In both cases your existing data files on your computer will not be affected.
  3. Run Logged It from the desktop icon, or Start menu.
  4. If you've run Logged It on this computer before, all your files will be available when you run the new version. There are no extra steps to move date from the flash drive to the PC if you are using the same computer. Additionally, you can always following the instructions on the packaging to use the RunLoggedIt.exe to save and restore date using the flash drive.

Optional: If you have a flash drive, you may want to do the following as well, so you have the updated installer on your flash drive.

  1. In the LoggedIt folder on the flash drive, delete the setup.lix (or setup.exe). If you want to save previous version installers, you can rename this file instead of deleting.
  2. We don’t expect that there is a loggedit.exe or loggedit.lix file, but if there is, delete it.
  3. Copy the downloaded install_loggedit.exe file to the LoggedIt folder on the flash drive.
  4. Rename the install_loggedit.exe file to setup.lix in the LoggedIt folder on the flash drive.

We no longer recommend running directly from the flash drive.

  • We have an option, for a small fee that covers shipping, handling and parts costs, to purchase an updated flash drive. Please call 844-4-STUMPY (844-478-8679) and select Option 2.
  • If you are planning on being in the Tomahawk, WI area, we can also setup an appointment to update your current flash drive for you. Please call 844-4-STUMPY (844-478-8679) and select Option 3, to coordinate.

Send us a Message.

If you are having trouble with the download or installation of LoggedIt, please drop us a message using this form. We are here to help, and will personally respond to your message. If you would prefer a phone call, please include your number in the message, and the best time to call.

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